Fan Icon Font - Love, Death + Robot

by Michael Chernyak & Ofer Ariel

Death+ Robots Icons & font

We must create them!

After watching “Love, Death + Robots”, the Netflix anthology by David Fincher, two designers – Michael Chernyak and Ofer Ariel, set out to recreate the original icons used in the show.

How they were created

Working in collaboration – 33 icons were created and compiled into an icon & web font ready to be unleashed upon the world.

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Love, Death + robots free fan iconfont

make your mark on the world

Submit your own LD+R
icon design

We feel that we’ve done our share, but there are more LDR icons to be made.
We welcome all fan icon submission and will review their relevance to add them accordingly to the LDR Fan Icons & font.

Each icon submitted will need a name which the submitting designer can decide upon.

Each icon will have the designer’s name as a prefix Each icon will have the designer’s name as a prefix (e.g. “Michael’s Screamer” or “Ofer’s Pet Snake”) thus, making a mark in the design world history — FOREVER!

Get to know the designers

Michael Chernyak & Ofer Ariel

Michael Chernayk

UX Designer

With a neverending stream of endevours and ideas bubbling in his head he just had to take his old friend, colleague and mentor – Ofer, down this proverbial rabbit hole with him.

Ofer Ariel

Co-Founder and CPo
@ become

As a Co-Fo. & CPO Ofer hardly has time for any shenanigans – but this time he had no choice but to follow his friend down that dark hole.

SUPER IMPORTANT: This is FREE FAN ART and in no way did we think up or own the original creations - we just re-made them for our enjoyment - and DO NOT wish to profit from them.